Proofreader and Copy Editor

Let a qualified PROOFREADER and COPY EDITOR give your writing the professional polish it deserves.


  • spot spelling mistakes a spellchecker ignores
  • bring consistency to your punctuation
  • lift your writing to a higher level
  • help you impress your readers


If you write competently in English, whether it’s your first or second language, have your letters, CVs, articles, brochures, websites and books proofread and copy edited by a qualified, mother-tongue proofreader and copy editor  before they are printed or published!

I am a qualified Proofreader and Copy Editor. I will work closely with you to ensure that your writing retains your personal style while making helpful suggestions that you are free to adopt or discard.

I have lived in Italy for nearly 30 years. In addition to proofreading and copy editing, I am a published author , an experienced mother-tongue English teacher and translator (from Italian to English).

My interests and fields of expertise include language teaching and learning, travel, local history, sustainable tourism, environmental issues, organic gardening, genealogy, ebook writing, visual and performing arts.

As your proofreader and copy editor, my guaranteed professional approach will ensure that your writing looks great on the page or screen and is free of spelling mistakes, awkward syntax and inconsistent punctuation.

Your readers will be impressed by how clearly, correctly and concisely you are getting your message across.

I offer a prompt, efficient, confidential service.”

 ‘Carolyn proofread and edited my novel. I was  pleasantly surprised at how much another person could pick up, that I as author hadn’t noticed. I happily recommend her services.’

 TS, author, New  Zealand

‘Carolyn has shown me that there’s much more to being a proofreader and copy editing than just correcting spelling mistakes and typos.’

NB, businesswoman, Italy


There are two mistakes in each of the following sentences.

Spot them and then call me for a free chat about your proofreading and copyediting requirements.

  • Mistakes are easily missed when there at the top or the botttom of the page.
  • Is your writing aimed at British english or American english speakers.
  • Your CVs layout is as important as it’s content.
  • Some mistakes are hardly spot than others.
  • This sentence   has less words than the first one.


Have you found ten mistakes?

Contact Carolyn McKenzie



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