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Roses are red and yellow and pink and …

The Parnell Rose Gardens adorn part of a headland above central Auckland’s busy container port. Dove-Myer Robinson Park – consisting of the rose gardens, the  Victorian era Gillies family home and its wooded grounds in Gladstone Road – seems a world away from the nearby city centre. Some of the trees surrounding the Gillies home (now a restaurant and reception venue) are among Auckland’s oldest and largest.

100B3114 100B3120

Manuka (Kunzea ericoides) and its tiny white flowers (above) and a gigantic pohutukawa covering many square metres (below) and seen from outside and inside.

100B3116 100B3117


Another giant tree is this Australian Bunya Bunya pine (araucaria bidwillii)

100B3148 100B3147

The rose gardens are best visited from November to  April, but with this year’s mild autumn, they are still beautiful at the moment.

100B3106 Colourbreak floribunda

above – unnamed and Colourbreak; below – Just Joey and two views of Peace, or more correctly Madame A Meilland created in France during World War II.

Just Joey hybrid tea Peace 100B3129

At this time of year the leaves and hips are just a pretty as the roses.

100B3130 100B3108

Below – Blue Moon, Beach Baby and Cheerful Days

100B3131  Beach Baby floribunda Cheerful Days hybrid tea/floribunda

100B3140 Guy Savoy

An overview of the gardens and  Guy Savoy, a variegated rose.